Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tub Time

When Jeff was out of town last week, I asked him to get me a Gloomaway bar from Origins. Sadly, the shops at Bellagio and Miracle Mile are no longer around. So he made a detour to Lush instead. Soap for me (Sexy Peel, ooh la la) and the little ones (Honey I Washed the Kids - funny.) He also brought them each a bath bomb and they were tickled. Especially Theo, because his actually said "BOMB" on the side of it. Jeff documented their bath bomb experience, and though most images are not suitable to post, these are a few highlights.

Look at my cute hubby, taking these bloggy photos!

Dora's Confetti Bomb

The Blackberry Bomb turned the water bright purple. And tucked inside ... a little note that said, "BOOM BOOM". So funny.

Most expensive bath time EVER, but everyone loved it. Theo wanted to make sure he'd still smell like his bath for school the next day.

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