Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baking Monday - Homemade HoHos

This week was a Baking Monday first ... a challenge! A friend asked if I could make homemade Ho-hos. I gave it a try. The recipe was a little complicated, I think there are definitely shortcuts that can be done next time. The cake turned out a little too thick and I would use more filling next time.

Because the cake was so thick, I made thin pinwheel type slices instead of a traditional ho-ho shape.

The chocolate coating was a little too sweet, would look for a different kind of glaze next time. The filling was delicious, and I've got some extra. I would like to try a multi-layered chocolate cake with this filling in between the layers.

Today I came across a recipe called "Better Than Pop Tart" which is on deck for next week. I'm having fun trying to replicate favorite childhood treats!

Also this week ... birthday cookies for Jack and Emma. (Hi Laura!)

And mmmmm ... foccacia. It was supposed to have rosemary, but Jeff doesn't like "that stuff that looks like sticks", so this is garlic with Tastefully Simple Italian seasoning. This turned out great, but the recipe makes two giant loaves. Luckily I was able to bring some to a family party the next day.

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