Monday, March 22, 2010

Baking Monday - Chocolate Earl Grey Shortbread

Well, I was so excited to try this recipe, because it combines my three favorite loves: tea, chocolate and shortbread. I was also excited to try it because it was an opportunity to use my new food processor, yay!

These were super easy to mix, it takes longer to get out all the ingredients than it does to combine them. The recipe calls for a stick of butter, and this made 24 (tiny) cookies, so there's essentially a pat of butter in each cookie. (You're welcome.)

Verdict: Good, but I can't say that the tea flavor made these cookies extra-special. I think I would prefer plain chocolate shortbread instead.

And on a totally unrelated topic: Garlic Roasties. Try them today.


  1. How did you get them to be so perfectly round?? Mine always have a lot of "character".

  2. Roll the dough into a tube on wax paper, wrap and chill. Then just slice & bake.

  3. Maybe it would help if I actually viewed the recipe! The chocolate shortbread cookies that I make are just rounded balls of dough, and they're not always uniform.