Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Phone Pics

I occasionally take pictures with my phone and never do anything with them. We have this cool teeny tiny little drive that takes my teeny tiny little phone memory card and now I can download those pics to iPhoto.

See how teeny! And orange!

So, here are some highlights from my phone:

Superhero Dora.

Magnetix pyramid.

Theo had a gift card to spend at the toy store.

Cake bite "snowballs" for Dora's winter themed party.

Walmart bathroom from a road trip potty stop. I was so impressed with how clean and pretty the bathrooms were that I took a picture. Much nicer than the gas station / mini mart restrooms we usually use.

Poolside at the Mirage.

April Fool's Day snack from my friend Amy. It was a cake / pudding / cookie mix with brownie "treats". I think she was a bit disappointed that more people didn't eat it, but man ... just looked too realistic!

Dora with Buddy Bee.

Me and D.

Donuts after church.

This says "We have a winner!" I won iPod solitaire and I am more than a little pleased with myself.

Green pepper moustache.

Snack time during out two hour traffic delay on the way to Philly. We sent Dora to the cooler in the back of the car to retrieve our lunches.

Dora and Theo's first "big kid" ride at Fantasy Island.

Dora's "really, really bored" face.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Latest Sewing

Drawstring bag for Katherine.

Long overdue baby gift!

Also, many new things on the Etsy site today. Lots of cloth napkins for the kids' lunchboxes and new baby items.

So, Where Was I?

Oh, yeah ... having the house torn apart. We're replacing the dingy white tile, white carpet and white vinyl floor with hardwood. The kids and I got out of town for a few days while Jeff ripped up the old and put down a new subfloor. The new floors should be in next week (fingers crossed.) We're also adding a gas stove and replacing the sink and countertop in the kitchen.

Jeff let Dora draw on the subfloor.

The Bakugan gang.

Our family. I like my long pigtails with ribbons!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

PA Weekend

Our family headed out on Sunday morning to spend a day in Philly at the Please Touch Museum followed by two days at Sesame Place. In an unusual move, we were so prepared that we got on the road early - at 8:15 - and were very excited to have the whole day to spend in the city. We drove through a terrible downpour but still made great time until we were 20 minutes outside of the city and ... stopped. Not moving anywhere.


From what I could gather from a phone Google search, severe flooding led to road closings. Eventually, we were let off an on-ramp, and after an emergency potty stop, got new directions and back on the road. Suburban Philly traffic does not move much faster, and it took us another hour to get into the city, and guess what! Please Touch was closed due to flooding. Plan B: head over to the Franklin Institute where we had the pleasure of spending $52 to see the museum for 90 minutes. We hit about four exhibits (sports, giant heart, physics and kid science) and though I was really stressed upon arrival, we enjoyed the short time there. The mirror house was everyone's favorite. 

After the museum, we took a break for big pretzels and went to visit the fountain. The only thing preventing all five kids from diving in was the promise that the next two days would be spent at a water park where they could get as wet as they liked. After a stop at Geno's, we were off to our wonderful hotel where the kids got a late night swim in before bedtime.

On Monday morning, we got our fill of free breakfast and headed out to the park at around 10:30 am. Crowded and hot!!! Our first stop was the new Count's Splash Castle, which is some twisted form of water torture and a lost child just waiting to happen. I tried to wait in line with Dora for the water slides - twice! but could not stand being pelted continuously with water during the wait. Seriously, I felt like I was in a car wash. Got out of there quickly and went to find something more serene ... Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave, ahhhh, that's more like it. 

We headed back to the car mid day for lunch. It's a great time to take a break from the crowds, spread out and re-do sunscreen. Happily, by the time we returned, the crowds had thinned out and no longer blazing hot. Time to hit the lazy river.

And we watched the parade.


Two days is a perfect amount of time to spend at the park, because you don't feel pressured to do everything in a day. Our second day was much more leisurely, kids went on all their favorites which included a big rope climb.

We'll be back again soon!