Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Phone Pics

I occasionally take pictures with my phone and never do anything with them. We have this cool teeny tiny little drive that takes my teeny tiny little phone memory card and now I can download those pics to iPhoto.

See how teeny! And orange!

So, here are some highlights from my phone:

Superhero Dora.

Magnetix pyramid.

Theo had a gift card to spend at the toy store.

Cake bite "snowballs" for Dora's winter themed party.

Walmart bathroom from a road trip potty stop. I was so impressed with how clean and pretty the bathrooms were that I took a picture. Much nicer than the gas station / mini mart restrooms we usually use.

Poolside at the Mirage.

April Fool's Day snack from my friend Amy. It was a cake / pudding / cookie mix with brownie "treats". I think she was a bit disappointed that more people didn't eat it, but man ... just looked too realistic!

Dora with Buddy Bee.

Me and D.

Donuts after church.

This says "We have a winner!" I won iPod solitaire and I am more than a little pleased with myself.

Green pepper moustache.

Snack time during out two hour traffic delay on the way to Philly. We sent Dora to the cooler in the back of the car to retrieve our lunches.

Dora and Theo's first "big kid" ride at Fantasy Island.

Dora's "really, really bored" face.

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