Monday, December 8, 2014

Baking Monday – Mint Chip Sugar Cookies

It's December ... time for all things minty! These mint sugar cookies are super yummy. I had in my mind that pink cookies would be more festive than green, but didn't go quite pink enough, so they ended up a weird salmon-y tint instead (of course, they'd be perfectly fine without the dye, but I think it's good to give some kind of visual indication that they're not plain chocolate chip cookies. Expecting one and getting the other could be an unpleasant surprise!) They'd probably be good rolled in sanding sugar, too. Happy December!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Baking Monday – Double Chocolate Cookie Bars

Today's dessert was experimental. I mixed up these favorite drop cookies but was running a wee tight on time for baking. I wondered if they would be just as good in bar shape?

Verdict: They were still good, but not great, and I think it was because of the texture. They looked very brownie like, but maintained their cookie texture. Which works for a chocolate chip cookie cake, because the taster knows what to expect. But when you're thinking "brownie," but it tastes and feels "cookie," maybe that takes away from the desserting experience? Hmm. Anyhow, they were still good, but I'll take the extra time to mini scoop them from now on!