Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So, a few weeks ago, we watched the Muppet Movie for family movie night. When the movie was over, we scrolled through the previews on the disc and watched the preview for Jumanji. And then Theo wanted to watch it again. And again. And then wanted to know when we could see the movie. When Mom? When can we see it? When? When? When?

I checked the movie and the book out of the library and we watched it for our next family movie night. I had only seen it once and many years ago ... I had forgotten how intense the action scenes are (And freaky monkeys!) It was definitely the scariest movie the kids had seen. Clark didn't make it all the way through, he wanted to go to bed. We fast-forwarded through a lot, in particular the giant spiders, the stampede, and alligator wrestling. Theo was spooked by the plants and vines.

However ... they LOVED the movie! The next day, Dora had a friend over to play and they all started talking about the movie while having a snack. Then they started acting out the movie. In typical Dora fashion, she remembered in what order all the things appeared from the game. They pretended to roll the dice and fight each disaster until the game ended.

Play continued long after Dora's friend went home ... and then they came up with this.

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