Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Night & Baking Monday

We had a party last night for the Oscars with our friends from Jeff's pool team. It was the kind of party we used to have in the days before kids, but had sadly faded away. Now that we have a group of friends who are child-free, we can lure them to our house with soft couches and baked goods and have a social evening without a babysitter. Yay!

So, no Baking Monday today, because we had so many yummy goodies leftover from last night. (Millionaire Brownies ... mmmmm.) BUT! I did a little bit of baking over the weekend. First project: use up the leftover frosting I had in the fridge from past Baking Mondays. I made a chocolate sheet cake and used the fillings to make mini-cakes with glaze.

And what to do with all the scraps after cutting out the circles? Pudding Cake trifle, of course. I made this for the kids. Am wondering how wrong it would be to eat the leftovers for lunch.

And I couldn't let a party go by without some cookies. Stars, of course, for the Oscars. These are the butter almond cutouts with sparkly sugar.

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  1. Those cakes looks utterly delicious!!