Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines #5

In typical Dora fashion, she did not want to be "told what to do" regarding valentines ... she always prefers to do her own thing. We talked through the idea first, just to make sure we had the right supplies and worked in a way that she wouldn't get frustrated. She wanted to paint hearts and write each kid's name with glitter glue. Luckily, she was very agreeable to suggestions on how to get started and they turned out exactly how she wanted them.

She liked using the corner rounder, and when she was done, figured out how many corners she punched (x number of valentines times 4).

On a side note ... this girl has memorized her entire class list in alphabetical order by last name. I am constantly amazed by how quickly this girl picks up and retains information. She had to memorize the Act of Contrition for her first Pennance last weekend. After sulking about it for a week, we kept a copy on her nightstand to practice at bedtime, and on the third night of reading it, she already had it committed to memory!

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