Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog Love

Sherri over at Families are Fun! has nominated me for a Beautiful Blog Award. While I don't feel that I've logged enough time in the blogosphere to pass it along, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a little blog love and a shout out to some inspiring women. These are my daily reads:

Dooce - the queen! She consistently cracks me up.

Finslippy - Alice won my heart the day she blogged about her son's picky eating habits and I've been reading ever since.

Suburban Bliss - I started reading Melissa's site during the cocktail playdate controversy. I love her mix of crafts, cooking and family life and how bravely and honestly she shares her joys and frustrations. And I will be forever grateful for sharing that chicken taco recipe!

Amalah - Brilliant, funny. Check out Advice Smackdown, too.

Kirsten Can - Perfect mix of kids and crafts.

Forty Two Roads - Anna is a sewing genius and the queen of repurposing. Exhibit A.

Notes from the Trenches - Hysterical.

How About Orange - Daily craft / design inspriration.

Just Something I Made - Cathe is an amazing craftswoman.

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