Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Neon Birthday Party Fun!

Jeff and I have conflicting opinions on birthday party favors ... he thinks they are unnecessary, but I think it's fun to give a little something to guests as a thank you. I DO dislike when the kids get junky stuff ... about 90% of stuff they get at parties and events goes right back out of the house. So when we do favors, I really try to give things that kids (and parents!) would be happy to have and use. 

However ... sometimes it's easy to get carried away! Like when Dora says she wants to find neon favors for her half-birthday party. Then we go to Five Below where there are SO many cute neon things to choose from ... AND she has a mom who is more than excited to tap into her 80's adolescence for inspiration!

The final assortment ... nail polish, bracelets, hair accessories and mini duck tape.

I was very tempted to get one of these stretchy braided bracelets for myself. I would have LOVED this in middle school!

Neon pony holders ... always useful ...

Okay, I admit, the tape was a total impulse purchase at the register. Very hard to resist!

Though I used it to tape name tags onto the cute neon party bags, also found at Five Below. I had also picked up neon office labels at Target and brought some pre-cut chipboard and scissors for the kids to make neon sticker bookmarks during down time at the party for another take-away. So fun!!

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