Friday, October 25, 2013

Artist Cookies

These were made for our little friend's seventh birthday party. The party was held at an art studio where all the guests got a mini art lesson and painted a picture to take home. This mom always finds the neatest places to have her kids' parties!

The birthday girl is quite an artist - I'm routinely blown away by the detail of her work! She and Clark are the same age, and this girl was drawing landscapes when Clark was barely putting a stick face together. 

I really enjoyed making these - I love colorful cookies, but the icing bleed stresses me out. (See blue in the palette above, ugh.) I made the palettes with Sweet Sugarbelle's tip, and the brushes are a carrot base with a rose blossom top.

The painting cookies were fun, and these frame cookies also would have been a great party favor (didn't think of this until it was too late - maybe for Dora's birthday!)

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