Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why We're Idiots

Two things are happening with our television right now. The first is that Jeff is trying out a series of external hard drives in an attempt to expand the minuscule amount of hours currently available on our Time Warner box. The experiment ... is not going well. Things record for awhile, but then the drive shuts down and programs previously recorded become no longer available. Imagine the awfulness of a weary mom and a cranky three-year-old, going to turn on the tv, longing for a few minutes of quiet, hoping to relax with the gentle comedy of Peep, only to find that THERE IS NO PEEP, PEOPLE! Bad things happen.

The second happening is my doing. In the fall, excited by the upcoming Seinfeld "reunion" on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I decided to order HBO for the first time ever. I called Time Warner to find out the price.

Me: How much for HBO?
TW: X amount.
Me: GAH!
Me: Any - ahem - deals or specials going on right now?
TW: No. Suck it.

I went ahead and ordered it, because hey, Jerry's worth it, right? We got to watch a few episodes of the new season before the DVR decided to poop out. Luckily, the new season is available on the HBO On Demand channel. Ahh, I can relax knowing that the new episodes are tucked safely away on channel 920.

Fast forward through December ... life has been crazy busy. Lots of orders plus getting ready for Christmas, plus everyday stuff like keeping the children bathed and fed (they're so demanding!) No time for frivolous things like television.

And finally, last night ... new year, guests have gone home, to do list is (slightly) shorter. It's time to sit down with my hubby and watch some tee-vee.

Me: Hey! Why don't we get caught up on Curb tonight, so I can finally cancel HBO?

(I think you can see where this is going.)

Curb is no longer available On Demand. And all the episodes that we had recorded are being held captive by our Home-Improvemented DVR. Which means I have just paid GAH! amount for HBO for the last four months and didn't even get to see the show I ordered it for.

These kinds of things happen to us ALL THE TIME.

The only silver lining to the whole event is that our short time with HBO did allow us to get hooked on Flight of the Conchords, so I am trying to look at the bright side. (Don't mention that the price I've just paid for four months of HBO would buy both seasons on DVD. Don't even go there.)

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