Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last of the Crafting and Baking

Party day at school! This was snack for the second graders.

A little army of reindeer, ready to go.

We also needed some little godparent gifts. Traditionally, we've given ornaments, and I like when the kids can help out with the process. I was on a search for things we could do quickly, using materials we already had around the house, and would actually look good on a tree. My quick web search led me to this idea, which Dora chose and did a fabulous job. We used Sculpey and alphabet rubber stamps.

Theo chose to do Shrinky-Dink self portraits.

And Theo chose these silver and black beads to make keychains for two teenage cousins.

I had work to finish up today, an order for my favorite customer. I constructed these paper envelopes during naptime ... each one has a set of personalized notesheets inside.

I was able to sneak out for a quick meal and chat with good friends, then back home for more baking ... 32 dozen for our crazy family cookie exchange! These are pics from last years' goodness:

Happy Christmas and more to come in the new year!

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