Monday, December 21, 2009

Baking Monday - Gingerbread Cinnamon Chip

Had a two week break from baking Monday. One week because another friend took a turn making treats and one week because I was terribly sick and didn't think anyone would want to eat if I had baked anyway. Oh, I also made chocolate brownie cookies one week, but did not take any pics (they were good.) Today we're back with Gingerbread Cinnamon Chip cookies. This is my favorite gingerbread recipe. It's made with whole wheat flour, so it has that nice slightly gritty texture, and the cinnamon chips add just the perfect amount of flavor. These are fun to make with the kids, usually if there's a day home from school. When we've made them as cutouts, they pick out whatever cutters they want, which makes for an interesting assortment. (One time we had a mix of race cars, teddy bears and the state of Texas.) They take such care embellishing with the chips, so it's a nice way to burn some time, too. Cinnamon chips don't taste that great until they're baked in something, eliminating the temptation to taste while decorating.

However ... some days I want the cookie without all the work, so I've been curious to see if these would work as drop cookies. Answer: heck, yeah. The key to these cookies is keeping them soft. They are heavenly just out of the oven, but tend to get crunchy after awhile. My sis taught me the trick of keeping a slice of bread in the cookie container, on a sheet of wax paper, right on top of the cookies. The moisture from the bread keeps these cookies nice and soft.

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