Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cross-Stitchin' Tuesday

I've been working on these Minipops cross-stitch projects for the kids and finally finished them last week. The idea came from this Flickr set and this artist's work. (Cross-stitch Duran Duran? Seriously, how can you resist?) I would love to do a big series like the one featured above. I already have all the figures picked out but decided it might be smart to start small. I can't read in the car, but can sew (go figure!), so I've been taking advantage of our many long road trips to work on these projects.

Superheroes for Theo.

Sesame Street for Clark.

Fairies for Dora of my own design, based on the other figures. I made a ton of mistakes on the wings, don't count the stitches! Also, I accidentally made the middle fairy's skirt too short, so it looks like she has a little Marylyn Monroe skirt blow going on.

Here's a snowman project that I started when I was pregnant the first time around and had LOADS of time on my hands and no better way to fill it (apparently) than with cross-stitch. I did a bunch of projects that fall. This one for me was the last one started and then whoops! I went and had a baby, then two more, then before you know it, it takes eight years (EIGHT!) to complete one project. I finally finished this one up in the fall.

This project was from a kit that I tweaked a little bit and am very happy with the result.

My mom just found this in her sewing basket! I'm guessing I did this circa '82-83, when I was in middle school. Before I got to high school and became SO popular that I would never have time for trivial things like sewing. (BWAH-HA-HA!! Excuse me while I wipe away tears of laughter.)

Look how sloppy!

I've gotten much neater since then.

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