Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday #8

Dora had a friends' birthday party yesterday. We kept the guest list small, and it was a great time. I put together little favor buckets for each guest.

Mini notebooks. I made these last year for D's class valentine party. The idea came from lovely design. They are so easy to put together and make such a nice little gift, I love making these.

A friend of mine made these adorable hair clips, she does great work. Also included sparkly pens for the notebooks and a package of fruit snacks.

It was kind of nice doing the party after her early January birthday, because the stores are full of Valentine items, like these cute little heart pails.

Birthday cookies, of course. I don't usually use sprinkles but have been looking for a reason to use these cool pearlescent jimmies. The icing color did not turned out exactly as I hoped ... I accidentally made the green too dark because I used the wrong color, so I had to make all the colors darker. They're cute, but I wish I had done them a little differently.

And I was so disappointed that the icing separated overnight. That sometimes happens after a couple days, but usually not overnight. Maybe my gel coloring is too old? They still tasted great!

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  1. i love your favors! so cute! i need a recipe for icing that doesn't get messy - maybe for valentines...?

    also, i've heard so many people talking about those smore cupcakes! must try!