Friday, January 29, 2010

Strange Week

It's been a strange week at the Spotgirl house.

The first rule of first grade fight club is ... don't talk about first grade fight club.

Okay, must explain. Boxing is the new thing over here. Wii Punch Out is the current activity of choice. We talk about boxing all ... day ... long. Theo has a good friend who he often trades toys with after playdates. This week, he gave up his super-secret spy suitcase in exchange for a pair of boxing gloves. The gloves are currently in a time out, where they've been since the day after we brought them home. Dora got the idea to use her face crayons to make up Theo's face like he'd really been in a fight. Creative, and a little creepy.

Guess whose toes? Hint: not the child you'd expect to have painted toes. (Disclaimer: it was his request, not my idea.)

It's red. A little too red.

Freak storm that blew through town yesterday afternoon. Very happy we did not have to go out during it.

And one mini product review: I rented Wii Toy Story Mania today and was really disappointed. I found it awkward to navigate - while playing in Story Mode, you can't view which games are available. It's difficult to finish and unlock each game - not because the games are challenging, but each game involves a confusing list of tasks, and your results don't show which ones were successfully completed. Also very little movement involved. Most of the games are target games and the short "extra bonus power boost" movement at the end felt like a tacked-on attempt to get players to move around. After playing all the games in story mode - I think there's about 25 - there weren't any that I wanted to go back and try again. SO happy we didn't buy this one for Christmas!

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