Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Highlights

Finally starting to go through pictures from the holidays. Here are some highlights ...

Cookie trays 09. Supposedly, there are fewer varieties this year, see how skimpy the trays look?

Two of the cookie helpers, my adorable aunts.

Christmas Celebration #1.

Getting ready for the pageant.


Christmas Celebration #2: Favorite gift of the year: Lazer (with a "z") Tripwire. Theo is now much more calm and relaxed, knowing that his stuff is protected.

Red and purple box of goodness.

Christmas celebration #3: trying on new slippers.

Another favorite gift, Bakugan Xbox game.

Dora's awesome gift from Grandpa. It's purple!

Onsie for baby Elijah.

Mini golf morning.

Moments before the meltdown. We're now two-for-two with meltdowns and mini golf. Do we keep trying, or avoid mini golf forever?

Me giving Clark a KO while playing soft block boxing.

New Years' Eve toast, a rare moment of sibling happiness. Of course, alcohol is involved. (Just kidding!! It's grape juice!!)

Dora got her birthday wish ... snow for sledding.

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