Monday, April 1, 2013

Baking Monday - S'mores Treats

So, why does someone who doesn't like marshmallows keep making marshmallow desserts? Two reasons: half a box of Golden Grahams left over from Valentine's Day snack mix (which I cannot make again, since I ate 90% of it last time) and mini marshmallows left over from an OOTM hands-on spontaneous activity.

Admittedly: I kind of phoned this one in. Short on time and inspiration that week. As it turned out, due to bad weather and sickness around the house, these never made it out to their intended recipients, so the kids and I ended up eating most of them (me after picking out the mini marshmallows. I'd do without the extras next time.) I like the tip to put the chocolate chips in the freezer before mixing them in - keeps them from melting in with the coating like last time. Best eaten within a day or two - the cereal gets much less crunchy after that. Super gooey and sweet - big hit with the kids!

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