Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break WOOO!

We don't usually go away for spring break - maybe a day trip here and there - and usually just enjoy being home and not being on a schedule. This year, however, I had major vacation envy. SO many of our friends (and it seemed like most of my FB friends) were away last week. Plus, 30-degree weather hindered most of our usual spring activities (Bike riding! Story Garden! Ice cream!)

However - our break turned out quite nice. Monday we all enjoyed doing a whole bunch of nothing all day. On Tuesday, the kids played Wii while I logged in five work hours. I felt guilty that we weren't doing anything wholesome, but you know what? The kids were having a great time, and no one was fighting, plus I was getting paid ... so it was all good. They all got together with the few friends that were still in town at different times during the week.

The kids' one request (okay, third request after "Can we play Minecraft?" and "Can we have candy?") was to walk down to the creek behind the playground. Thursday looked like the best weather of the week (50 and sunny!) and we spent about two hours mucking around.

Dora and Theo found creative ways to cross the creek back and forth, while Clark and I hung out on the trail and collected sticks.

We did one fun thing on Saturday - went to the mall in Syracuse to try out their ropes course. As expected, Dora loved it. Theo ... not so much. He got all harnessed up, but took a look at the first walk and started making "get me down" gestures. I thought it would be more climbing (which Theo loves) but it turned out to be all balancing (not his favorite).

I don't blame him - I wouldn't have gone near it. Look at this crazy girl! I just followed around the perimeter, taking pictures.

The mall also has a science arcade where the boys spent their time while Dora climbed. That turned out to be sensory overload for Clark (though he stuck it out for longer than expected), but Dora and Theo had a great time on all the spinning simulation machines. A fun end to a relaxing week.  

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