Monday, April 22, 2013

Baking Monday - Chocolate Surprise Cookies

This recipe is a re-run, because there was Easter candy to use up yet again. I bought an assortment of chocolates to put out during our party: Dove eggs (yum), Crunch eggs (yum - according to the children), and caramel Hershey's kisses ... a surprising yuck. They just weren't very good. I saved the remainders thinking they could at least be used in a baked good. The kids also collected lots of Reese treats on their egg hunt, so those also got the surprise cookie treatment.

These cookies are pretty yummy, but it was discovered that the candy also has to be good for it to be a winner.

Peanut butter eggs - WIN! Delicious! Disappeared quickly!

Hershey's caramel kisses - yuck! Still no good! Maybe we just got a bummer batch, but - yuck!

I'm sticking with Rolos for next year! 

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