Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mini Candy Crush Cookies!

I'm thinking that Candy Crush sweets and parties will start popping up all over the place soon (how awesome would that dessert table be?) since so many of my friends seem to be just as addicted as I am, and many bakers will probably do it much better! (I realized afterwards that I forgot to do the color bomb, rats!)

It's been forever since I've made sugar cookies just for fun, so these were a happy treat. I used leftovers from a recent order to make these tiny goodies. I used this mini cutter set to make most of the shapes (plus an icing tip for the circles/ovals and the bottom end of a moving van to make the squares.) Half of the colors were already in piping bags, but the rest were spread by hand since the cookies and quantity were so tiny. See the spotty background in the light blue squares? Completely unintentional - I had another batch of icing go spotty last weekend for an order, grrrr. However, it made a perfect jelly texture!

The kids were so funny - one by one, they saw the dish on the counter, said, "Oooh! Little cookies!" then paused for a moment and made a happy gasp when they recognized the shapes. Thanks, Candy Crush for sucking valuable hours out of my day! (It's probably a very good thing to only get five lives at a time!) 


  1. Hi... great cookies, thanks for sharing! Would you mind telling me how you got the jelly bean shape? It's the only one I can't figure out. Thanks!

  2. Hi Maria! I used the crescent-shaped mini cutter and rounded the points.