Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Valentine Treats

Of course, my family got treats for Valentine's Day! 

I had seen this snack mix on Glorious Treats and thought it looked very yummy - and pretty! Of course I have one kid who won't eat popcorn (and it kind of drives me a little crazy, because I always have to bring along a back up snack for movies and outings  - sometimes I think she refuses to try it just because she enjoys being the odd one out.) Anyhow ... I had to come up with a combo of ingredients everyone would like and ended up using Rice Chex, letter pretzels, and Golden Grahams. Cover with white chocolate, mix in some holiday M&M's, and sprinkle with jimmies. Super yum. My brain said, "This is for the kids!" but my tummy said, "Please eat more!"

And look, this piece even looks like a heart! Yes? No? Just me? Okay then.

Also - valentine cookie pops! (Chocolate cookies inside, white chocolate outside.) Yum.

And, I shipped my first cookie order!

(Need to work on packaging - but they arrived safely!)

Aaaand ... one more batch of almond sugar cutouts.

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