Friday, February 8, 2013

Grandma Crafts - Valentines

I have a Pinterest folder to mark ideas for crafts to do on Grandma days. Grandma loves sewing - and is very good at it - but can't really do it any more the way she used to. I wasn't sure if this craft would be a good one or not - we have just as many misses as hits - but it turned out to be something she really enjoyed and we ended up making lots and lots of hearts over the last few weeks!

I printed the template 4-up on cardstock, trimmed each square to 4.25", and rounded the corners. I followed around each heart with a mini hole punch, which did take time, but I punched while Grandma sewed, and it worked out well.

Not all of them were keepers, but we turned the ones that were into greeting cards that I'll send out to her grandkids. 

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