Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I Love This Week - Clicky Markers

The item that I love this week is seemingly impossible to find. I bought these a long time ago, and have no idea where. Staples? Target? Dollar Tree? I think they've been discontinued, because I can't find them online anywhere.

These are retractable markers by Foohy. I've had these stashed away with our art supplies for a long time and got them out this week to keep on hand with our summer reading chart materials. One by one, Clark has brought them all over to his drawing table.

He's never been very interested in drawing or coloring. He doesn't like using regular markers, and now I think it's the caps that have been holding him back (can't get them off, can't get them back on, they fall on the floor and roll away), because he's drawing like crazy this week. The pens are easy for him to click open and closed and did I mention, WASHABLE! Hot dog!

I bought this easel pad by accident - I thought it was better quality paper, but it's just newsprint. However, it fits perfectly on our little drawing table and Clark can easily flip to the next page when he fills one up. I love happy accidents!

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