Friday, June 11, 2010

Off to Camp

Dora's gone to her first Girl Scout campout this weekend!

Is it strange that I'm more excited than sad? Jeff gets emotional about milestones (Wahh! They're not babies any more!) but I've always been just the opposite (See what they can do NOW? That's awesome!) I wasn't sad when they went off to preschool, because I knew they had excellent care and they would have a wonderful time.

And I wasn't sad to see her off tonight, but so excited, because I remember how much I loved Girl Scout campouts. Songs by the fire, walking in the dark with a flashlight, waking up to the quiet early morning. Hanging out with friends for the weekend. Feeling the freedom of being on my own. (And yes, I'm sure that these are fuzzy memories, and I'm overlooking things like spiders and the fear of having my underwear stolen and hung out on the porch and many other horrible things.)

Good and bad, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow!

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