Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teddy Bear

I've been feeling a lot of love for the middle kid lately.

He's the one who will most likely flop on my lap if I sit on the couch with my arms stretched out. I love that he still lets me scoop him all up in my arms.

In Kindergarten, he made a magazine all about Mom. Three times he noted "snuggling" as our favorite thing to do.

I love his inventive mind, and how seemingly simple all his ideas would be to execute, if only he had the right materials. I love his desire to collect, even when it makes me crazy (his newest collection: broken things.) He still loves to dress up and imagine himself as a spy or a pirate or a superhero.

He's been on a kick with the spontaneous hugs lately. While Dora was at camp last week, we got to play baseball and he ran up and gave me a hug in between pitches. "Just because I love you," he said.

And I woke up to this note the other morning:

I love that Dad is an afterthought, especially since Clark is all about Dad, Dad, Dad, all day long.

His sister is a big fan, too!

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