Monday, April 26, 2010

Baking Monday and Magic

Technically baked on Saturday, not Monday ... Caramel Brownies. Mmmmmmm.

Sadly, Baking Monday will be on hold for awhile, since the pool season is over until the fall. I'll be making some kind of sweet for playoffs in June and looking for other baking opportunities in the meantime. Good news is, I have a bunch of cookie orders coming up, so I'll be posting pics of those soon.

In other news ... magic! Theo signed himself up for the school talent show on Friday and did an excellent job. Jeff was upset after a disaserous dress rehearsal where the lovely assistant was not behaving so lovely ("That's why we have rehearsals!" the director reassured me.) But they went home and practiced and practiced some more, reminding everyone to just keep smiling, no matter what happens on stage!

Unfortunately, I did not get great pics from the show, these were from his encore performance after a cookout the following night.

I am so amazed at how confident he was, from the day he signed himself up for the show, through daily rehearsals up until the time he performed on stage. He was not a bit nervous or hesitant. He loved it!

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