Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Night Out

Clark got his reward for finally making the jump from diapers to underpants. He wanted to play air hockey with Dad at Chuck E Cheese. It's been a long time (if ever) that we all went there together for anything other than a birthday party. Unfortunately, it was a Friday night during Spring Break and busier than we all would have preferred, but the guest of honor still had a great time.

He played about 20 games of Skee Ball. Yes, we let him walk right up on the ramp and throw the balls in. He got a whole mess of tickets and was completely happy.

He got to play his games of air hockey. I love that he's all rosy-cheeked, partly because it was really warm and partly because he must picked up some weird kind of virus while we were at Chuck E Cheese, as he is currently curled up on the couch sleeping, which is extremely unusual for a Saturday afternoon.

Now when I look at these pictures, all I'm going to see is germs.



Clark as Mario.

And again.

Okay, I shouldn't blame this illness totally on Chuck E Cheese, he did have his mouth on a fair amount of surfaces during our trip to the city, and his hands on lots of public toilet seats in the last two weeks.

Spotted around the house this morning ... Dora Dollars.

I wonder if the rate is on par with a Schrute Buck?

Baking Monday will be back this week ... a peanut butter special edition!

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