Friday, April 23, 2010

Dr. Dora

For awhile now, Dora has had a fascination with ... injuries. When she was little, she asked for strips of cloth to bandage her doll's arms or legs. She has the American Girl first aid set (complete with realistic doll-sized crutches) and wheelchair, which she uses a lot to wheel Thora around, sporting one kind of cast or another. She often makes sketches of people in casts or in wheelchairs. I'm choosing not to find this disturbing and think of her as a caretaker instead. Any advice on what do do or say about this particular interest?

I found this today while cleaning the living room ...

A Polly van converted to an ambulance.

With snacks (?) in the front seat.

And wrapped up inside, placed gently on pillows, the princess and knight from our Royal Rescue set.

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