Monday, April 5, 2010

Post-Weekend Update

First up ... April Fool's Day. I am NOT a big prank player. Personally, I hate them. But, the kids love them and have been talking up April Fool's Day, so I figured I'd get them before they got me. They were having a sleepover in Theo's room on Wednesday night, so before we went to bed, we covered their door with crepe paper and left a gotcha note.

I really expected to hear more screams of surprise - they got a kick out of it, but not as much delight as I had thought. Unfortunately, the sleepover left them both really cranky, so the rest of our day did not involve much merriment. (Sad face.)

But things were looking up by Friday. The weather was gorgeous, and we spent the morning on an egg hunt with some of my favorite people. Clark was VERY aprehensive about collecting eggs. He's recently been very crowd-phobic and did not want to be part of the big group. I had to carry him over to the egg hunt kicking and screaming, but then big sis helped him find his first egg, and he was much more excited after that.

Theo was crushed to find that one of his eggs had a High School Musical ring inside. Dora offered to see if one of her HSM-loving friends had something she might want to trade. A few minutes later, she came excitedly running back to us, because the other girl had an army figure in one of her eggs and was happy to trade. Perfect!

Brio Waterway that Clark got for Christmas and had been SO excited about playing with. This took me thirty minutes to put together ... I told the kids that they had to play with it for at least twice as long as it took to put together!!

After our Easter festivities, we went out for a Sunday drive. This picture was taken after Dora ran over Clark, but before Theo ran over Dora. Luckily, no major injuries were sustained.

Who gave these two a license?

The mailbox is getting used! I love the detailed drawings on this envelope.

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