Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Project

So, Dora and I were talking about Earth Day a couple weeks ago and she wanted to make cloth napkins for the kids in her class. I originally agreed, because I thought it would be a good way to use up some of my scrap fabric. As the date got closer, I realized that actually sewing 17 napkins was so not going to happen, since I currently have a stack of Etsy work that's been sitting on my sewing table for about two months. We purchased napkins at The Christmas Tree Shop instead, which I realize is probably not eco-friendly, but it sure was time-friendly.

Dora traced and cut out each child's initial out of scrap fabric and ironed them on to the napkins with Heat & Bond. (What in the world did sewers do before Heat & Bond? And Heat & Bond Lite? It is fantastic!) She did all the work herself ... I already keep a collection of letter templates with my sewing supplies, so she used those for tracing. She lost some enthusiasm about halfway through the ironing, but I was proud of her for finishing up.

She made tags and we tied them up with more scrap fabric. She's planning on handing them out before snack time today. I love the idea, we're big fans of cloth napkins over here, and really hope the kids put them to good use.

Speaking of cloth napkins, Maria at ChangeDiapers , a great site for cloth diapering info, gave my cloth napkins a wonderful review this week and we're doing a giveaway! Visit this page to enter.

And in other news this week, I just printed some new notecards to include with Spotgirl and Etsy orders, and spent some time putting packages together.

The notesheets are made from old paper samples and I put some of my gajillion outdated business cards to good use by using them as decoration.

Yay, color!!

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