Sunday, July 25, 2010

Anatomy of a Baking Fail

I went to make Better Than Pop Tarts again yesterday, and the first step of the recipe calls for crumbling the dry ingredients with butter by hand. Since I had such great success with making pie dough in the food processor, I decided to try it for this recipe, too (Mistake #1).

The dough got WAY too sticky, and was very difficult to layer on top of the jam. So then I had the idea to put it in a pastry bag and pipe it on top (Mistake #2).

Which did not go so well. The dough was too sticky to place by hand, but too thick to go through the icing tip. Frustrated, I squeezed all the dough out of the bag in big glops on top of the filling and smeared them around with a spreader (Mistake #3).

Definitely not my most beautiful looking dessert, but it still baked well and happily, tasted great (though the top layer was slightly um, uneven).

And everything looks better with frosting on top.


  1. who cares what they look like! then end product looks delish. pop tarts are a guilty pleasure for me. I know they're complete junk, but SO yummy! which is why I buy them only a couple times a year. I'll eat them all.

  2. Don't feel too bad, it all goes to the same place anyway! I also had a complete fail a few years ago while trying to make nanaimo bars, something my grandma makes every Christmas and I thought would be easy. Well, I didn't pay enough attention to the chocolate that was in the double boiler, and it wasn't pretty. My mom got mad, the chunk of un-edible chocolate was thrown out, and we started again. At least I can look back now and laugh about it!