Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ice Cream Safari!

A friend of mine had the brilliant idea to try a different ice cream stand each week during the summer. Wednesdays are now officially Ice Cream Safari days! An adventure this grand called for some special gear.

Yes ... passports.

There are ten pages for logging location, flavor selection and rating (loved it, liked it, not my favorite) with room for a stamp. There's also a page to paste a picture and fill out vital information about the passport holder. I bring them each week in a plastic bin with rubber stamps, an ink pad, pencils and coloring supplies. After everyone is done eating, we fill in the info and stamp the page.

Want to try your own ice cream safari? Get your passports here.

So, what did we get on week one?

Blue Goo (loved it).

Panda Paws (liked it).

Chocolate (too distracted by the playset to finish it).


  1. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [02 Jul 01:12pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  2. Aww, no way! This is so much fun! I want to start my safari right now. =) I'll be linking.

  3. that is such a good idea! i love it. i wish we could go out to ice cream more - it's hard having a dairy-free kiddo!

  4. SWEET! Literally! :)
    I linked this post on my blog.


  5. Thanks so much for the awesome download! We're starting tonight!

    And I shared with others too! :-)

  6. This idea is so cute - I'm feeling a little panicked that I might forget to do it when the kids are old enough. Thanks!