Friday, July 2, 2010

A Peaceful Moment

We've had an unusually harmonious household this morning and I'm enjoying it.

Dora and Theo are playing Scrabble and Clark is playing with blocks. I have an addiction to online Scrabble thanks to two people: my friend Samantha who got me started (only on Facebook can I play a game of Scrabble with my BFF from middle school. Love it.) and my friend Amy who got me hooked. (I think we're on game what - 15?) Anyhow, now the kids have gotten in to it as well, and Dora even has her first online game going with a friend, via my account.

(And yes, of course she is wearing a formal gown to play. This was a bridesmaid dress from my aunt's wedding in the 70's. Awesome!)

BTW, this idyllic setting lasted 40 minutes before someone threw a pencil at someone else. But long enough for me to shower and have a mug of tea, so ... Go, Me!

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