Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Musical

Workshop tuition - $195
Tshirt - $15
Tickets - $90
Program ad - $40
DVD - $30
Flowers - $16
Ice cream cake - $20
Candy grams - $5

Seeing this expression up on stage - Priceless!

Dora just finished her first musical theatre workshop. She didn't love the experience - there were some tears early on, and I think the amount of work involved really surprised her. However ... that girl LOVED being on stage. She was just radiating happiness. 

She was in two performances of "The Best of Disney", playing one of the seven dwarfs. She had six songs and dances to learn and did a wonderful job.

Up until last night, she said that she would not want to do another show, but seeing her expression up on stage this weekend said otherwise. Hopefully, the big payoff of performance day will be enough to make her want to try it again. I'm just going to wait awhile before asking!

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