Monday, August 22, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen

We haven't done a lot of home projects this summer - the kids have been so happy to just play their own thing when we're here - but it was easy to get everyone on board for a candy project.

We saw a segment on tv about a candy company that makes chocolate covered gummy bears and the kids were intrigued. We don't have gummy bears at home, but do have a big supply of gummy worms, thanks to a special aunt who sends the kids home with bags every time we see her.

So, we melted some chocolate and started dipping. Clark doesn't like worms, so they made him some jellybean clusters instead.

Not very pretty to look at, but ...

... everyone liked them. The jellybeans were preferred to the worms, probably because they are softer and easier to eat.

We also decided to make these lollipops!

Ours didn't turn out nearly as neat, but still very cool looking. They didn't melt evenly - perhaps because the Jolly Ranchers have been hanging around our house for awhile - but it was interesting to note that the grape melted first, followed by the green apple and the pesky pink watermelon were last.


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