Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Movies

Recent selections from Movie Night ...

Jeff bought this for me for Mothers' Day and then forgot about it until a few weeks ago (bonus gift for me!) The kids all loved it, though Clark went to bed before the end - it's another long one. I love the scene when Chessy realizes that Hallie is really Annie - tears every time! It's such a sweet movie, but sad at the same time, because of the loss of Miranda Richardson and the craziness of Lindsay Lohan. We liked the DVD bonus feature that explained how they filmed the twin scenes.

Totally stupid, but the kids all love it. At least it's short.

This was my choice - Jeff and I took my little cousins to go see this in the theatre when we were dating. The movie is just okay, but the music is great. A recent addition to movie night is the Rolling Credits Dance Party, when Dora and Clark typically bust their moves to the final song, and this one had them hopping!


  1. Natasha Richardson, not Miranda.

  2. Rats, I hate when that happens! My fact-checker must have been on vacation that week. Thanks.