Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ice Cream Safari - Week 3

Today we went to a shop that Jeff and I had visited years ago, shortly after we first moved here, in a different location. It was a memorable occasion because ... the ice cream was awful. We were both a few licks in to our cones when we looked at each other and said, "Mine's not very good - is yours?" and both ended up pitching them. I guarantee, that has NEVER happened before or since.

So, I was happy to give it a second try today. We must have gotten a bad batch on that day years ago, because happily, the ice cream today was quite yummy!

Dora chose cotton candy, Clark and Theo branched out with chocolate chip. I loved the funky decor.

Clark got a kick out of the toilet seat on the bathroom door.

The restrooms were all decorated in jewels with a poem on the back of the door that cleverly rhymed "sprinkle" with "tinkle" and made us all laugh.

And more exciting news ... we won two baskets at our church picnic yesterday. Clark really wanted the sports bag, so he was very excited. Turns out, the tote bag was handmade! Gorgeous! (And I am LOVING the Vestal color theme.) Dora and Theo were both trying for the Halloween basket, so they were happy, too. They always complain that we don't have any scary Halloween decorations - my taste is definitely more cutesy - so they are thrilled that we now have a witch, skeleton and a pair of creepy spiders to put out in October.

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