Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Baking - Grad & Wedding Cookies

It's graduation season! These are cookies I did for a party order last month - my favorite batch of UE cookies yet.

The following week, I had an order for another six dozen cookies, with monograms. I usually freehand cookies, but wanted these to look more consistent, so I piped the letters on wax paper over a printout.

Then caaaarefulllly peeled each very fragile letter off the wax paper. (It goes without saying: make extras.)

The kids were SO interested in these! I said, "Don't touch them! Don't look at them! Don't even think about them, pretend they don't exist!", which of course they just found hysterical and then taunted me with "Mah-om, I'm think-ing about those letters!" 

These are some of the finished products!

I'm loving the new icing colors. I've had NO bleeding, but am still having problems with spotting.

... spotting here, too. (Frowny face)

And these lovely cookies were for our good friends' wedding the same week. Americolor Super White made these look extra fabulous.

212 cookies in one week! Happily, all three kids had a summer camp in the morning that week, I needed all the time I could get!

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