Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013

Happy New Year! We had a really great month of December. It was super busy - someone had an event or activity almost every night of the month - but I wanted to make sure everything was enjoyable and not stressful. Therefore, some things were left to the side … baking didn't get done, cards waited until after our traveling, and I only did about 1/3 of the decorating I'd usually do around the house.

We spent a relaxing hour at the Home for the Holidays exhibit at our local science/historical museum. They have over 250 trees (we asked!) decorated and on display, it was really lovely. (Not pictured in photo: one child was being a bit of a pill that afternoon and another was doing a share of eye-rolling, but I took pictures and enjoyed myself anyway!)

We also didn't get around to making ornaments this year, but did spend one afternoon making cards for teachers. I would never say that Clark is an artsy-craftsy kid, but he does really get into drawing when we do projects like this.

Christmas Eve was Santa, pageants, musical performances, visiting with family.

And everyone had a favorite gift, all surprises, which made giving extra fun. We had a two-week long school break this year. I wished that we had the foresight and finances to go somewhere warm, but it was not meant to be. We spent one week away with family and the following week for the most part cozy at home, with a few extra fun activities along the way, including visits, meals, and games with good friends.

Snow tubing with cousins, which turned out to not the home-run event we thought it would be. Two out of three kids loved it, Mom & Dad did not (but we were good sports). 

Dora's chose her birthday activity: We spent New Year's Day at the Destiny USA mall, doing the ropes course, visiting the science museum/arcade, dinner of burgers and milkshakes, and a drive through Lights on the Lake.

Jeff and I split up, he got to watch the older kids go on crazy spinny simulator rides, while Clark and I did the more low-key activities. The arcade is a little much for the sensory kid. Happily, we had thought to bring earplugs and the exhibits were not very crowded.

Our days at home were COLD … I didn't leave the house for two days straight, leaving all the dog-walking and shoveling duties to Jeff. And the kids and I all needed a few lazy mornings and pajama days. This week has been a bit odd due to the weather - one day back to school, one day at home, a two-hour delay, one day back, then a half-day. Next week we'll really be back into the old routine.  

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