Monday, January 27, 2014

Baking Monday – Girl Scout Cookies

Today's cookies brought to you by the Girl Scouts! 

This recipe, published in 1922, was posted on the Girl Scouts Facebook page over Christmas break. The first GS cookies were baked by the scouts and sold as a fundraiser, which continued until the organization started hiring commercial bakers in 1936. I knew these would be a perfect Baking Monday project! The directions are delightfully vague ("bake in quick oven").

A vintage recipe calls for a vintage cutter. I used one of my Grandma's copper cutters. I have a big collection of these, which I keep mostly for decoration, because they're not great to work with … the little handle is sharp, and the enclosed cutter shape makes it hard to drop the cookies out.

I cut back on the butter slightly and added another scant cup of flour. I also added a tsp of almond in addition to the vanilla, because I was in an almond-y mood. I guess these are similar to the GS Shortbread cookie (or Trefoils, or Scot-Teas, depending on your generation/region!) 

Very yummy and disappeared quickly! 

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