Monday, September 30, 2013

Baking Monday – Cinnamon Tarts

I was looking for something cinnamon to make for today while also avoiding a trip to the store. I thought that these would be good with cinnamon-sugar filling.

I made a few mistakes with these - forgot to poke holes in top, so they ended up poofing up and having pockets of air inside. They would have been really yummy with shredded apple mixes with the cinnamon sugar.

Jeff said he tried to explain all this to the crowd, but no one was really listening, because they were all busy eating cookies. The pastry is super yummy (the secret is: lots of butter. Way more than I'd usually use in a recipe!) and would be great with all different kinds of filling ... jam, peanut butter, nutella ... and maybe a sprinkle of sugar or icing on top. The recipe made about 18 round tarts. 

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