Monday, September 2, 2013

Baking Monday – Butterfinger Bars

One of the Baking Monday regulars had a milestone birthday last week, and his wife threw him a surprise party. She asked me to make a dessert, mentioning that Butterfingers are his favorite candy bar. I searched for a few recipes and ended up with this one, which is seriously good! And oats make them healthy, right? 

The recipe says to bake in a cookie sheet, which I found to be a little ambiguous, since I use half-sheet pans for cookies. These fit nicely in an 11x17 pan. The dough is sticky, as the recipe states, but I was easily able to spread most of it with a rubber scraper and then used waxed paper to even it out. 

Aside #1: In 7th grade home ec, we were taught to say "rubber scraper" so as not to confuse with "spatula" – the pancake-flipping, cookie removing tool. But I think I'm the only one who still does that. 

Aside #2: The best rubber scrapers are, IMHO: 1. Heat-resistant (good for melting things on the stovetop), 2. One-piece (does not collect gunk where the stick meets the rubber) and 3. Stiff! (I have no patience for floppy spatulas). I have one favorite tool that is all three. They are not easy to find. 

Anyhoo ... to top these bars off, instead of whipping up a batch of frosting, I melted two cups of chocolate chips with about 1/2 cup of peanut butter in the microwave (stirring and spreading with my handy-dandy heat-resistant rubber scraper!) and sprinkled with 16 mini butterfingers, chopped. (Freeze before chopping – it's easier.) Then chill overnight and cut with your pastry scraper (you totally have one ... right?) 

These were very yummy, and even earned a personal thank you from the birthday boy, yay!

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