Friday, April 27, 2012

Watercolor Eggs

More crafting with Grandma ... we made watercolor eggs a few weeks before Easter. Not my favorite color combo - the red turned out too dark - but it was a fun project. Inspired by a tutorial on this blog (I can't link directly to the project page, but it's called "Good Egg"), but the directions are pretty simple: trace shapes on watercolor paper, then paint, dry, and cut.

Clark got really into the painting. BTW, plastic egg cartons make perfect paint trays! I also prefer using liquid watercolor over solid for kids - it's easier for them to get really vibrant hues and easier to change colors without mucking up the paint.

Clark's paintings.

Grandma's paintings.

... and mine. It's been interesting working on art projects with Grandma. I like making things with allover patterns, but she definitely prefers more controlled, symmetrical designs. We hung these paper eggs on our back window, they made a nice decoration.

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