Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Crafting – Sock Bunnies

I've been spending Fridays with Grandma, and it's been fun to have projects to work on. We've stamped cards, painted with watercolor, filled beanbags, decorated cookies, and done lots and lots of jigsaw puzzles. I had been searching for an Easter project that we could make and send out to the great grandkids - these little sock bunnies from Family Fun were just our speed.

Start with a toddler sock, fill with dried beans, tie off the top with a rubber band.

Cut the top into ear shapes (cut a "v" with rounded tops), tie a bow around the neck. We opted to paint the features because some of them are going to little kiddos and we didn't want to worry about pieces coming off. We dabbed the eraser end of a new pencil in paint to make the eyes, noses, and a tail on the back of each bunny.

Super cute! Clark made one by himself and has been playing with it all week - building block houses for him and acting out scenes.

All packaged up and ready to go! I found these little bunny stamps at the craft store for $1 - perfect. The bunnies are all on their way to new homes.

And in other cute news ... Clark and his hypnotized bunny.

Happy Easter!

Update: Found a pic of Clark's bunny and house. He was really insistent on his bunny having teeth like in the original photo ... turned out a bit fang-like, but he's happy.


  1. I got a big multi-pack of solid color baby socks at Walmart (but this was several years ago!)

  2. Can you use adult white socks, fill them with uncooked rice?

  3. Can you use adult white socks, fill them with uncooked rice?

    1. Hi Norma - I'm really not sure, but can say that it will take a lot more rice to fill up an adult sock! (Baby socks & split peas are much more economical.) You certainly could give it a try.

    2. I used to make the sock snowman and I used rice to make them,that's why I was asking about the bunny. They are very, cute, I was to make them.
      I love doing crafts.

    3. Also, how did you make the ears stand up?

    4. Nothing special to the ears, just a small rubber band.

  4. These are so cute! Definitely making these with my daughter and her friends for her Easter sleepover ( we try to have one around every holiday and do a craft ). I found the perfect socks that come in all sorts of different colors and they have assorted packs so you don't have to get all one color.