Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Whew! It's been a busy week. Yes, the kids all made valentines for their friends, I just haven't had a chance to talk about them before now. Theo liked these Mad Lib valentines, but wanted to write his own. I think he did a great job! His teacher told him that it was very creative.

(Writing by Theo, layout by Mom. And he asked me if it was okay to use the Mad Libs logo - I told him probably not, but we'd be okay because we weren't selling them. These kids know all about copyright rules!)

They were supposed to look like this, but the rolling and tying was proving too frustrating for him, so ...

... we broke out the never ending supply of coin envelopes and used those instead. (I bought this box of 250 for a wedding project 15 years ago -- and have used them for many, many kid projects and gift cards since -- and the box is STILL not empty!)

Clark chose these Jack Skellington valentines, which were good sticker and drawing practice for him. He had the most to make - 24 kids + 3 teachers - but did a great job, and liked signing his name on the back of each card.

Dora worked on hers privately, so I didn't even see what she was working on until they were done. She asked me for strips of paper that she folded into thirds, drew a picture with a valentine message, and sealed each one with a sticker. She tailored each one for the recipient's likes: basketball and cookies ...

... Harry Potter and penguins ...

... bumblebees and snowboarders ...

... Doritos and Spider-Man!

Her teachers each got a riddle - one from Harry Potter and one from The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. wow, i am SO impressed with dora's valentines! holy cow, those are awesome.