Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine Baking

Yes, of course I did a little Valentine baking this week.

Some conversation hearts for my sweeties ...

Bumpy hearts for story time ...

And some pastel hearts for teachers.

For Tuesday's dessert, I tried this recipe for ice cream sandwiches that's been hanging around my file for years (11 years, as I see now that it was from MSL in 2001!) I finally decided that I either need to make them or toss it out.

I started them with the traditional dotted lines, but stamping mini hearts was much quicker (and cuter!) I used my very favorite, well used, heart cookie cutters.

Turns out the secret to filling them is to soften the ice cream only slightly - just to scooping consistency. I thought that Wegmans caramel ice cream would be a crowd-pleaser.

These were quite yummy, though not sure if they are vastly superior to store bought for the effort involved. But I like the flexibility of making different shapes and using different kinds of ice cream for filling. Also, the recipe makes a ton of cookies - I froze half of them - so you could keep them on hand for other occasions.

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