Monday, January 30, 2012

Baking Monday - Cake Mix Cookies

These cookies from Sweet Sugarbelle are seriously easy and seriously good!

The "dump" mixing method makes them extra fast to make. I like her suggestion to try these instead of store bought cookies when pressed for time. Mine didn't spread and get all crackly, but stayed poofy for some reason. I added mini chocolate chips and a tsp of cinnamon per the suggestion - highly recommended! I'm thinking the peanut butter version would be quite tasty, too. Really, the possibilities of add-ins are endless!

And in other news - a new keyboard cover! Isn't it cute? And it matches my office! I'm looking forward to keeping the keys pristine.
The cover is from Sticars and is both removable and washable ... because wine does get spilled from time to time. (I won't tell the kids that's why the K sticks on their "new" computer, whoops.)

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